Changing places, setting new standards

North Point Global is an ambitious and progressive development company that is today delivering major projects in many of the UK’s leading cities.

As a company we aim to be pioneering, versatile and responsible. We try to find new ways to fund and deliver developments that change places and deliver positive economic, social and environmental impacts.

“We deliver projects that are commercially robust and successful providing highly attractive returns to our investors”

We are strongly committed to delivering high quality and innovative architecture and creating places that are valued and enjoyed by those who use and visit them.

We are a dynamic and growing company. From a starting point specialising in the delivery of cutting-edge student and residential projects, we are delivering some of the most ambitious and imaginative mixed-use developments in our northern towns and cities.

We are working with local authorities, UK based and international investors, social housing providers, leading educational institutions and major commercial end-users to deliver developments that change places and change lives.

We are a company that believes in giving back and delivering more. We see every project as an opportunity to build new relationships and make a long term investment in the local community.

We are particularly committed to working with charities, start-ups, independent and pop-up businesses to animate ground floor spaces and help regenerate local neighbourhoods.